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About us:

Qingdao PuJing electrical co., LTD is located in the beautiful coastal city - Qingdao. The company covers an area of 50000 square meters, asset more than 180 million yuan, design the annual production capacity of 360 million yuan. Subordinate staff of more than 300 people, including senior engineers 2 people, senior engineer 16 people, intermediate engineering and technical personnel 50 people, is China's power transmission and transformation industry association, China electric power capacitor industry association member unit, shandong province high and new technology enterprise. The company has advanced production equipment, precision testing equipment and clean production environment, can meet all kinds of complete sets of equipment production demand, is a professional electrical complete production enterprise.

Through the ISO9000 system certification, and 3 c qualification verification, formed to the quality as the main body of the enterprise culture. Realize the leading products according to international IEC standard production and testing, and computer applied in product design and field monitoring, preliminary already form CAD, CAPP local area network system.

The company's main products for complete electrical switchgear, covering 0.4-110 kv full series of electrical products, give attention to two or morethings saving box substation, and 110 kv of the reactive power compensation device.

The company product has power wireless temperature measurement system, can realize power equipment key parts temperature rise test.

0.4 KV main tank type for GGD, GCK, GCS, MNS, Mdmax;

10 kv main tank type for KYN28A - 12, XGN15-12, XGN2A - 12, etc.; 35 kv main tank type for KYN61-40.5, etc.; 110 kv is mainly GIS etc;

Box substation and box open closed station can be split mounting type for centralized power supply mode;

The reactive power compensation device can realize common complement, points complement and dynamic compensation function;

PuJing electrical with high quality products, excellent service, win the majority of users trust and the high praise, The products have been widely services in metallurgy, chemical, electric power, coal, building materials, water conservancy, cars, and many other industries.

Companies follow the crystal quality wins the market, promote the development of the high-tech business philosophy, praise highly excellent management mode offer high quality, high security performance of electrical products. And China TieKeYuan, China electrical science college scientific research colleges and universities cooperation formed integrated product development mode.

PuJing people know the company's survival value is not the size of the scale, but in high efficiency reach friends' expectations. Responsible for the heart to do part in the matter, with the same heart to adhere to the correct concept.

The future is the extension of the past, the past achievement is to obtain the new achievement of the foundation. Qingdao PuJing electric co., LTD warmly welcome various design institute, and the general engineering founders to plant guide, and expect your favour.

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